Sunday, December 7, 2014

Dream One

Dream One:
I walked through my past and
saw the images and shadows,
Of a fragmented life;
Recapturing the essence of my being
in a pointless collection
Of memories;
The bricks were the pages
Of an unwritten childhood,
The pictures were testaments
Of a dream long gone,
The struggles were part
Of a reality,
And surviving was
The constant up-and-down.

I saw my self as
I see myself now:
Out of my body
Into my being,
Reflected in a memory
Not yet acquired,
Accepting the universe,
Questioning life.
One day I may see again
the pictures of today
Reflected into a past
Not yet known,
And I will question again,
Submerged into my being
Collecting myself again
In the palm of my hands.

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