Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Raven Night

A Raven Night

What would they know?

My voice was shouting
Across the room an empty cross
To professed the crossing paths
That have awaken humanity:

The Love Song of T.S Eliot
Was drowned among the fools
That giggled and refused
To listen to its questions;

Whitman, at times, was thought
To be obscene among the puritans
And the half sleep that will wake
When sinful nouns forced their morals
And ethics to its crisis;

I sipped my wine and shouted louder
Verde que te quiero verde
While they continued numbly listening;

Then, La Casada Infiel and an intimate
Bullfight personal reflexion;
And I shouted louder and louder
Until I drowned all the noises,
The giggles, the ridiculousness;

The wine was blood
The flesh consumed
The cross erected
The fools gone.

What would they know!

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